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BUKOWSKEE (born Emir Bukovica) is a Bosnian-American musician, singer, and songwriter, best known as the lead vocalist, songwriter and rhythm guitarist for rock band Emir & Frozen Camels. He has built his own unique musical identity over two decades as a multiple times music award-winning and nominated songwriter, composer, and lyricist. He is also known for his numerous musical collaborations with more than few well-known world artists such as Cliff Williams from ACDC, Danny Shepard, Elliott Randall, Darrell Nutt, Djule Van Gogh, Rambo Amadeus etc.

In 2018, Emir has opened the door to his very own solo project BUKOWSKEE named after Emir’s longtime high school nickname.

BUKOWSKEE is solo music project of this artist. Although Emir & Frozen Camels was the band that introduced him to the world of music, BUKOWSKEE is a new chapter of Emir’s music universe. Not aside project but a real project of the new name in the world’s music sky.