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Kultur Shock

Kultur Shock’s style is impossible to define- many critics throw SOAD, Gogol Bordello, Manu Chao, Gang of Four, The Pogues, Balkan folk music, punk rock, heavy metal as references to it, but nothing can prepare the unsuspecting listener to what is going to come out of their home stereo speakers or what’s going to happen to them during the 90 minutes live shows that the band is known for. In two words- the description is a mix of all of the above in a seamless new sound, that takes the listener on a trip and never lets go.

The band has under its belt over 600 Euro and US shows throughout the last 8 years alone. Almost all of its club dates are headlining (they are joking that they make a really lousy opener- “Go fuckin’ play after us….”), has headlined many festival stages and supported artist like Iggy Pop and the Stooges (twice), Manu Chao, The Whalers, Gogol Bordello (quite a few times), Burning Spear and has given the chance to many young and aspiring artists to share a stage with them.

Kultur Shock performs in Europe- from London to Istanbul and from Scandinavia to North Africa, the American Northwest, Northeast and upper Midwest, Russia- European and Asian parts, and has plans to tour Japan and Indonesia.

Major Festival appearances include- Bumbershoot (Seattle)- multiple times, Szeget (Budapest), Exit (Serbia)- twice, Sayanskoe Kolco (Siberia, Russia), Festival of Peace (Kazan, Russia), Esperanza (Belgium), Senglar Rock (Spain), Ariano Irpino (Italy), Lent Festival (Slovenia), Pireneus Sur (Spain), Sarajevo Film Fest, Stuffstock (Romania), and many more national, regional and city fests across Europe and the US.